Sunday, 1 July 2012

Out !!!!! So Rude Not Too.

Today Jill & me was gonna ride down to Lichfield to a Classic Car type show, all this was at short notice last night.

Any way after bit of a Layin this morning we never ended up going due to Jill having to go to get some shopping in etc.

12.30pm ish we headed off up to Wetherby, had a coffee and something to eat, let me tell you now, I thought it was windy yesterday going to the The Ace Cafe in London but today was bad enough to blow you off the bike.

That's it now until next weekend but up to now I have no plans to go anywhere, any suggestion's anyone ?.. have a good week at week Bloggers.

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Just under 90 mile today.


  1. It doesn't seem that you guys are having a great summer.!

  2. Wind is not a motorcyclists friend. I can handle the rain and chilly temps, but I am not a fan of wind, especially when riding along the coast. Ice blah.

  3. Roger, summer don't be so rude mate, it's more like Blumin Winter LOL...

    Brandy, I did Rain on Saturday twice on my trip & it was not too bad, The wind Don't Like, Cold 5deg & under I don't do that either give's me an Headache......