Sunday, 31 March 2013

She Is Out, The GT I Mean !!!!!

After what can only be described as a Bloody few crap months of weather here in the UK. This Easter Saturday we managed to get out on the GT, it's the first time since Oct the wife (Jill) has been on the back of her. Any way it was still a bit cool approx 5/6 Deg's, so we made our way over too Clay Cross to the CMC motorcycle dealer coffee and a sandwich was very welcome, it also gave us chance to try out the NEw Comm's Blue Tooth Kit's I bought for the Helmets. 1st impressions of these are fairly good but at 60mph + it gets a bit hard to hear one another so I put them in Sleep mode saving the Battery power while on the Motorways then simply press a button to re-connect them again. We set off from CMC for home and yes it started to Snow only Lightley though, and By Gosh did it start to get cold on the way. A good 1st real ride out for a few hours of the year, hope we get more of them to follow, roll on Scotland May 2013....


  1. Yay nice to see you got out for a while .. looking forward to see more of the you and the GT in the coming months :)

  2. Glad you two got out for a ride. But damn I wish your weather would warm up for you. Hot coffee or tea is about all you can do after a ride that chilly.

  3. Had a look at a Sprint GT the other day in Laguna Triumph. Looks really nice and not too expensive, but way too cold to go for the test ride just yet.

  4. Hi Brandy, the weather just don't know what it wants to do.
    But it's starting to warm up a bit now so we should be getting out more, Scotland ain't too far away. 19th May 13 we set off..

    Hi Paul,
    I like the GT but yes a little too cool for test riding.
    I've had the GT a year now and am very happy with it....