Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hello Bloggers, it's been a long time I know.....

A Biker I met up with in 2010 while having my 1st trip down to the Ace Cafe in London. His name is John Lewis from Norfolk, he has been riding Motorbikes since he could get his leg over the The Seat LOL. Any way, my friend is doing yet another trip this year in May 2014 called " Side-2-Side 2014", please click those last words to see where his journey is taking him, I would have loved to have made the trip with him but unfortunately I cannot due to work. In 2010 john did another Amazing trip CLICK ME to see what he did.. For me 2014 is a planned trip on The GT up to Scotland again with my wife during May sometime, hopefully the weather will be kind.
John Lewis & me at our 1st meeting at Brampton Hut A1-A14 Interchange.
My Baby........

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