Monday, 2 July 2012

An Oldie or what ?

Thought I'd share these photo's I took today at work, I was going to take them last week but wanted get on my way home from work.

One of our drivers has got this old Moto Guzzi California, he said it is 20 years + old, him & a mate of his went round the Eastern Block ie:- Poland, Chec-republic and other places.

He his going to bring some photo's in for me to look at of his trips, if he let's me take them home I'll scan them & share them with you all.

Look at the mileage this Bike has got on it......


  1. That looks like it might be a cushy ride. Looks like he has logged a lot of miles on it. Kind of a cool old beast.

  2. Wow, makes me think someone has had the power drill out and cheated a bit, but the rest of the machine seems to fit the character that those little numbers hint at. That is some seriously earned respect.

    Behind Bars