Saturday, 30 June 2012

Yes, Yes, Yes....Actually got there....Yahoo

Today seemed a long time in arriving seen as this trip had been planned for 2 weeks ago but had to be cancelled due to the Wet weather.

Any way, a dry start to the day I got the Gt out of the garage, went up stairs to get my Leathers on & YES it started to Bloody Rain, so I rushed downstairs pushed the GT back in to the Garage wiped the seat off went back inside gave it 5 mins then got changed & put on the New Waterproofs (nowt was gonna stop me today).

I set off at 8.25am in ther rain, then after about 35 mins I escaped the Rain Clouds & the sky got a little brighter but there was still a bad cross wind across the A1.
I had the odd bit of rain further on but nothing to get excited about, 2 hrs in & I had made good time so I stopped at Baldock Services for a brew & take off the wet weather gear, while I was here I spotted an Old Royal Enfield & was having a chat with the owner who told be it made in 1937 (some old machine).

I continued down on to The Ace Cafe, parked up, had a good wander around the Car's and then the bike's taking quite a few photo's.
Below is a sample of photo's I took today but you can also view all of them at my Facebook page if you are one of my friends, if your not a friend send a friend request.

After having sometining to eat (well it would be Rude not too) & a chat to a few people I started my journey back home going up the M1 it started to rain so I pulled off on to the HArd Shoulder& under a bridge got the Wet Weather Gear out again, I needed it on as it was as they say Raining Cat's & Dog's.

Up around Leicester up to Newark On Trent & stop for a cuppa before getting home.
A great day with a few miles under the belt, What more can I say What lie's in wait for my next trip ? !!!!!!

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Todays route & Mileage was just over 353 miles in total.


  1. It may have rained to and from the Ace Cafe, but at least it didn't rain while you were there.

    Awesome pictures. Love your new header pic!