Monday, 9 May 2011

I've got my eye on something !!!!!

Ummmm and if the Insurance comes in at the right price next weekend I could be part Exing the Er-6F for this little beauty, 3yrs old at a good price with only 8000 on the clock.
It also comes with other toys and Hard Luggage to the side, roll on next weekend then. The Ace Cafe trip might be put on hold....


  1. Whooooo!! Good luck hope you get it. The motor is supurb. Let us know how you get on, then we can organise a secial welcome to the "Triple" club!

  2. I love this bike too, love the sound of the triple. My friend has a red one and I love it when I'm following him :-)
    I have a picture of my friend's bike here: