Saturday, 28 July 2012

1993 ish Europe and Beyond.

The photo's below are from one of the lad's at work.

I took some photo's of his bike the other week and posted them on the blog
saying he was going to bring me some photo's in of his trip to the Eastern Block many years ago (19 yrs approx).

Some of these show him & his pal's in Austria & other places.....
Just thought I'd share them with you all.

No Biking this weekend....

And the plane and simple reason is the GT needs both tyres changing.
It's not worth risking a ride out coz if it gets wet on the tarmac
we might come off !!!
After a visit to the Motorcycle shop this morning he told me they
defiantly needed changing, so he is ordering 2 tyres for on Monday &
they will be fitted next week some time just in time for my little trip to
Aylesbury next Saturday (tell you about that next week folks).

Saturday, 21 July 2012

So good, ya just gotta get out ya know !!!!!!

Had to take the Gt back to the Dealer for 9am today as it was booked in
for the replacement of a new Fuel Sender Unit, the one that was on the GT was not showing full when I filled it up even though it can take up to 10 mins for the Crystal Display to show full etc.
After they had fitted the part I was off to the local petrol station in sheffield to fill her up then visit some friends also in Sheffield then off over the hills in to Derbyshire to end up at CMC bikes in Clay Cross for a well earned Bacon & Sausage sarnie and a Coffee.
Had a chat with a few bikers,took a couple of snaps (see below) of 2 Harley D's then headed back home via my parents.
The weather was great through the whole of the ride.
Roll on the next ride out..

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Todays Route.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hornsea or Bust :-)

Woke up to GLORIOUS Sunshine today, so cleaned the bike from the other night & the wife I was out, popped up the road for petrol then hit the Motorway heading out to the coast for Hornsea.
We decided to head here not for any special reason other than to pass a few hours.
On arrival at Hornsea we parked up with 2 Harley D's, we had a walk about for a while have a coffe & a Bacon/Egg sarnie for myself (so rude not too).
We had a chat with another Biker from Barnsley who had come out for the day, he was telling us that he had just come back from a trip to France.
We got back to the Bike to find the H'D's had gone but 3 other bikes had joined us, Jill took a call from Gareth our eldest lad who is getting married on 24th Aug 2012, he wanted to know if we wanted to go with him & Susan to look at the wedding cars, so we headed back for home, by the time we had got to the other side of Hull (Kingston) the wind was head on & quite strong, it was not the best ride back......
In this photo you can just make out the name of the town we visited...

GT and 2 Harley D's..

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Todays Route.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Squires it is then, Thank You.

I was watching the weather all day yesterday & as soon as I realised I was in for an early finish (16.30hrs).
That was it, home out & up to Squires Cafe for a drink & some dinner.
When I arrived I thought it was busy, you should have seen it when I departed at 20.00hrs, you could hardley move.
Any way,I had a wonder around taking a few snaps & had a chat with a few different Bikers even met up with some one who fancied a trip down to The Ace one day so an exchange of mobi numbers & some time in the future we will be going.
The next major trip out is on 4th Aug 2012 down to Aylesbury to a Garmin Ride out day.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ha Ha,, Got out, Got Rained on......

Got up this morning as you do, checked the weather and thought, YES let's go for it, so I did on route to Market Rasen I had to pull over to put the waterproofs on & well they stayed on through the duration of my 98 miles Bimble out.

I visited a place called Willingham Woods ( posted about here b4), a lay by with a Cafe in where they charge a lot of £'s for a Bacon,Sausage Sandwich & a coffee. Any way moaning over with, met up with 2 other riders who live not far from me. one had an Old BMW that they don't make any more & the other was on a Triumph which I thought was like my mates a Thunder bird 900, Wrong it was a Triumph 900 Lincoln, it looked so much like the Thunder bird apart from the engine was black, it was in perfect condition, sorry I did not take any snaps due to the weather being so crap.

Any way I set off for home in the Rain, when I arrived at home it didn't look like it had rained at all, Thinking about it I should have gone the other direction but who knows......

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Monday, 2 July 2012

An Oldie or what ?

Thought I'd share these photo's I took today at work, I was going to take them last week but wanted get on my way home from work.

One of our drivers has got this old Moto Guzzi California, he said it is 20 years + old, him & a mate of his went round the Eastern Block ie:- Poland, Chec-republic and other places.

He his going to bring some photo's in for me to look at of his trips, if he let's me take them home I'll scan them & share them with you all.

Look at the mileage this Bike has got on it......

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Out !!!!! So Rude Not Too.

Today Jill & me was gonna ride down to Lichfield to a Classic Car type show, all this was at short notice last night.

Any way after bit of a Layin this morning we never ended up going due to Jill having to go to get some shopping in etc.

12.30pm ish we headed off up to Wetherby, had a coffee and something to eat, let me tell you now, I thought it was windy yesterday going to the The Ace Cafe in London but today was bad enough to blow you off the bike.

That's it now until next weekend but up to now I have no plans to go anywhere, any suggestion's anyone ?.. have a good week at week Bloggers.

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Just under 90 mile today.