Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thursday 16th.May.2013

Sat here in my Truck parked up for the night and listening to the sound of the BLUMIN Rain hitting the Unit. I am keeping a close Eye on the weather for Scotland for our Touring week up there comm Sun 19.5.2013. Here is the route we are taking A being where we live in Doncaster UK. We hope to leave Sunday morning approx 8.30am heading for Edinburgh for our 1st nights stop over and too also meet up my mate Phil and his wife Marion, we will separate Monday morning and we will head North West to Fort William until on Thursday we will meet up with them again in Pitlochry. Here is a google map of our whole route.
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Saturday, 4 May 2013

A quick Blast over to Europe April 2013

Sun 28.4.13 I left home @ 5.45am to meet up with my pal Phil down at Cambridge. From the Mcdonalds we got fuel & headed South to Dover, b4 getting to the ferry we re-fuelled & grabbed a Sandwich then off to the ferry port. Once we docked in Calais & no time to waste it was off to my aunts to meet up with my parents and spend the night have a meal then bed. Monday, up showered,breakfast & a bit of messing about we left Erre approx 12pm. headeing out to Lille then straight in to the city centre of Brugges to park up. We had a good few hours walking round Brugges, bought some bits & not forgetting some Belgium Chocolates for the wifes. From Brugges we headed back to Calais, booked in to the hotel B&B for the night, showered then out for a meal b4 getting our heads down. Tuesday we were down at breakfast 7am local time then off to catch the ferry home. I covered about 741 miles on the 3 day trip, the whole purpose of the trip was to go to Europe again but also to meet up with my parents who did not know I was going to be at my aunts, so Yes they were Surprized to see me. The bike has gone in to the garage Sat 4.5.13 for a service b4 Jill & I go on our trip touring Scotland in 2 weeks.(19th May) My Route From home to Dover Sunday 28.4.13.
View Larger Map Calais to Erre France Sunday 28.4.13 then Erre to Brugge & then to Calais Monday 29.4.13.
View Larger Map Dover back Home, Tuesday 30.4.13
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