Saturday, 28 April 2012

Come on let's Dodge the Rain !!!!!!!!

Ah Ah, time to start some riding, BUT, the weather here this week & a half has been very Bad, Rain, Wind and anything else it want's to chuck at us here in the UK. Anyway just to bring you all up to speed, Yes I have at last changed the Kwack for the machine that I've been sorting out to purchase for quite a while. 2 weeks ago the wife & I walked into Team Roberts Triumph dealer near Doncaster & 2 Sprint GT's caught my eye one in Silver the other in Blue, the blue one was a year & a half old & the price suited my pocket so subject to the increase in Insurance I told him I'd have it, so picked her up on Fri 20th April 2012. Filling the 20 litre tank up on the way home & then a little Burn down the local Motorway. Then on Saturday afternoon Jill & me had a Bimble out for a few hours dodging the rain clouds. 1st proper ride out was today with Phil my mate, we met up at a Mcdonalds off the M1 Junc 30 then headed over to Sheffield to Glossop along the Snake Pass A57 stopping at Lady Bower to take some snaps ( see below )the wind was a bit Blustery let me tell you & as we we're up on the pennine's the Temp was not very high, a little cool shall we say. We was making our way to Matlock Bath, but first we stopped at The Cat & Fiddle for something to eat, this pub is very high up in the hill's & it was very cold here. Off back through Buxton & then down the A6 to Matlock for a cuppa Rosie Lee, sat in the cafe which was not busy at all looking outside & the rain started,,,, well we had to go home some time so in the rain it was, not nice but Hey Ho. Roll on next week end... 2 Harleys at Mcdonalds.
Phil eying up the Harleys.
Lady Bower on the A57, my new Girl.
Phil, don't know what he's Fumbling about for !!!!!!
Still Fumbling....
Yes, I got in on the act at The Cat & Fiddle.
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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ref: Last Post....

Next weekend came and went as fast as it was raining, here in the good old UK they talk about April Showers well Bloody Nora, we've had as much rain this month as we get in 6 months, let's hope the forth coming weekend well Saturday let's us get out for a ride around....

Monday, 16 April 2012

Next weekend

Looking forward too next weekend when Jill & me are due to meet up with Phil & his wife Marion possibley at Matlock Bath, hope the weather holds for the trip...on the Bike's.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday....No eggs. !!!!!

After getting some jobs done in the Garden this morning, the weather had brightened up a bit so off to Squires Bikers Cafe, I got there fairly late in the afternoon but there was still a good crowd hanging about.....check out the Spider man Qud in the photo below...

Sunday, 1 April 2012

1st Bimble out. 2012.

Well, 8 months on not sold the bike and not selling her, well not at the moment anyway due to what happened at work in Nov/Dec 2011.
So off out today with the wife up to Helmsley in North Yorkshire, a Loveley little town, all week we have had great weather and good temperatures then at the weekend everything went South ie:- windy & very cool, with Snow due this week in Helmsley so we where told, how mad is that !!!!!!
Below are a few snaps I took today and a map of our route.

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It's Time !!!!!

Bike Taxed, Bike Insured, I'm Ready,
The Sun is out and so am I, 1st time since the bike came back from
the garage in August 2011.....