Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's Back.

This morning I had my return trip to Huddersfield West Yorkshire to collect the GT's seat. I'll pop a snap of the finished seat soon. It looks slighty different to the old one, It's not got 4 Smal Cut's in it now. The bloke who recovered it has done the cover in a Non Slip Material and a Blue Piping to seperate the Front from the back. All I can say is Roll on the Better weather....and April & May 2013.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Sponsered Cycle Ride march 2013...

Hello there, Some of you who know me from Facebook know I'm quite keen on cycling on my Mountain Bike. Me and a mate are cycling the Liverpool to Leeds Towpath (Canal) over 2 days, it's 127 miles approx. If you would like to sponser us see the link thank you TT.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sat 5.1.13

Hello all, Had bit of a run around last Saturday, I had to take my GT'S seat over to a bloke in Huddersfield West Yorkshire called Tony Archer, he doe's a lot of recovering work on bikes and cars. Anyway going back to our Not So Glorious Summer months I was in the Petrol station, got off the bike and the Zipper of my right Boot caught the seat and put 4 small rips in to the covering on the seat. Some one from Squires Cafe told me about this bloke so as I said last Sat I took the seat over to him in the car, I hope to get it back this weekend all being well. After we had been to Huddersfield we had a drive up to RoseDale in North Yorkshire ( a Nice part of Yorkshire) we go up here once a year usually New Year week to my Grand Parents Memorial to pay our Respects etc. Then after we had done that we found a little Cafe in a small village further North called Castleton, 2 Milky Coffee's 1x Toasted Teacake for the wife and me, well a Fried Breakfast, it would have been Sooooo Rude not to Indulge one's self you know. After this little Pit-Stop we headed out to the coast down past Whitby the back through the North York Moors to Pickering then home, it's a nice drive and next time we are gonna come on the bike to Whitby as the roads are very good. When we got home I looked at the Trip Ometer on the car, we had covered approx 253 miles, well we had a full day out and did what we had set out to do... TTFN TT

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

It's here & now it's gone...

Christmas week came like a flash & now the New Year 2013 & has started, what a night we had in Doncaster..... Fancy Dress etc. I evan managed to get out on the GT Sunday before Christmas Day, just had a little mosy down to Clay Cross CMC Bikes, a Bacon n Egg Roll a Coffee then back to J&S in Doncaster for a look at there Comms Kit's for the Wife n Me. I've seen a neat little pair of Blue Tooth kits for £150 the pair. On Saturday 5.1.13 we are off up to North Yorkshire for the day via a trip to Huddersfield to take my GT seat to an Upholster who is gonna re-cover the seat seen as quite a few months ago I Damaged it getting off the bike at the petrol station putting 4 Slits in the Gel Seat Cover, hence we are going in the car. And also to bring you up-to speed on our Scottish Bike Tour, all the B&B's have been booked & a Special suprise for the wife at the stop in Pitlochry . We are having 6 nights stay, stopping off at Edingburgh, Fort William, Beauly, Golspie & Pitlochry in Scotland then a last night near the Lake District Carlisle then head home via the Lakes.. As the weather here starts to improve you see a little bit more action on the blog and also on Facebook.