Monday, 23 May 2011

Test Day ST vs GT

The arranged day came and went.
Set off this morning to go to York after having the Bike serviced, and was having second thoughts as the wind was well let's say Very Strong, we nearly turned around about a mile away from the house (it was bad).
Any way in to York, sorted the paperwork out, Jill & I got on the ST & shot off towards Stamford Bridge for the test ride, it felt very strange at first but after riding this bike I settled down in to it's riding position very quickly, Jill on the other hand was not too impressed as she had problems getting on to the bike and also holding on was an issue, the Pillion grab handles are at the rear above the exhaust which holding on made her arm's ache. It rained hard on the way back to the shop also.
We was going to get off then I said I would return another day to test the GT & Chris the salesperson said that I could take one out NOW if I wanted too.
Woosh gone for 15 Min's on my own, GREAT ride like the GT better.
We are going back after I come back from my little tour to France & have a good ride out on the GT in better weather.
So Roger it's a yes at the moment to a Triumph.....

The Triumph Sprint 1050 GT

And the Triumph Sprint 1050 ST

My Bike in the workshop having it's service.

Just a snap of the workshop in Doncaster


  1. Excellent, by all accounts the GT is a better bike, and I think it is probably worth going that extra bit to get it. I have heard the suspension is a lot better also. I would of changed to one, except that I upgraded the suspension on the ST and my partner seems okay with the riding position. I like riding it so will run it into the ground before changing. THe only thing that annoys me is the GT only comes in two boring colours, perhaps in six months time they will come out with another couple of colour options.

  2. Awesome, glad you test rode both bikes. By all accounts the GT is a better all round bike, and the suspension is far better. If I hadnt spent so much money on the ST I would upgrade now. Looking forward to hearing what you decide.

  3. Hi Tony,
    Have just found your excellent blog (an ex-Pom resident in NZ since 1975). I had a good look over a Sprint GT recently at my Triumph dealer. Now that's how the Blackbird should have evolved rather than the pig-ugly and range-limited VFR 1200!

    Best wishes,