Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hornsea or Bust :-)

Woke up to GLORIOUS Sunshine today, so cleaned the bike from the other night & the wife I was out, popped up the road for petrol then hit the Motorway heading out to the coast for Hornsea.
We decided to head here not for any special reason other than to pass a few hours.
On arrival at Hornsea we parked up with 2 Harley D's, we had a walk about for a while have a coffe & a Bacon/Egg sarnie for myself (so rude not too).
We had a chat with another Biker from Barnsley who had come out for the day, he was telling us that he had just come back from a trip to France.
We got back to the Bike to find the H'D's had gone but 3 other bikes had joined us, Jill took a call from Gareth our eldest lad who is getting married on 24th Aug 2012, he wanted to know if we wanted to go with him & Susan to look at the wedding cars, so we headed back for home, by the time we had got to the other side of Hull (Kingston) the wind was head on & quite strong, it was not the best ride back......
In this photo you can just make out the name of the town we visited...

GT and 2 Harley D's..

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Todays Route.


  1. Hooray for sunshine and motorcycle rides.

    Glad you and the misses were able to get out and enjoy it for a while.

  2. Just found your blog great stuff...
    I remeber goibg to the Ace Cafe in the 70,s with the lads on our Fizzies.. I lived in Bishops Stortford north of London and that seemed a major trip back then LOL

  3. Greetings from NZ - really nice blog!

    The Sprint GT is a really nice bike. In fact, it's what the Blackbird should have become instead of that pig-ugly VFR 1200.

    Best wishes from a now-Triumph owner

  4. Cheers Geoff Totally agree, I LUV it..

    Cheers Biggo, Love the longish trips, just been to the 19th Re-union sept 2012...up-date to follow.

    Brandy, it'sgreat to get out when the weather is good and better to enjoy the roads with the wife, we're planning a trip to Scotland on the Bikes May 2013.....cannot wait..