Thursday, 12 July 2012

Squires it is then, Thank You.

I was watching the weather all day yesterday & as soon as I realised I was in for an early finish (16.30hrs).
That was it, home out & up to Squires Cafe for a drink & some dinner.
When I arrived I thought it was busy, you should have seen it when I departed at 20.00hrs, you could hardley move.
Any way,I had a wonder around taking a few snaps & had a chat with a few different Bikers even met up with some one who fancied a trip down to The Ace one day so an exchange of mobi numbers & some time in the future we will be going.
The next major trip out is on 4th Aug 2012 down to Aylesbury to a Garmin Ride out day.


  1. All so shiny and sparkly. Mans the sun was out!! Nice.

    The Yamaha trike is interesting. Haven't seen that conversion here.

  2. Hi Tony, thought I'd drop in after you dropped by my blog the other day. Great pics!! You must have had a ball, what a great way to spend a nice clear (rain free) evening.

    I take it Squires is somewhere that bikes regularly get together? I've had a bit of a gander at the Ace and that place looks fantastic fun! Awsome getting to hook up with someone to ride with at a later date.

  3. Oooh shiny bikes. Glad you had some sunshine instea of rain.

    I like the Suzuki GSX and the Triumphs of course.

  4. Cool bikes, love the GSX1100 and the Benelli