Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ha Ha,, Got out, Got Rained on......

Got up this morning as you do, checked the weather and thought, YES let's go for it, so I did on route to Market Rasen I had to pull over to put the waterproofs on & well they stayed on through the duration of my 98 miles Bimble out.

I visited a place called Willingham Woods ( posted about here b4), a lay by with a Cafe in where they charge a lot of £'s for a Bacon,Sausage Sandwich & a coffee. Any way moaning over with, met up with 2 other riders who live not far from me. one had an Old BMW that they don't make any more & the other was on a Triumph which I thought was like my mates a Thunder bird 900, Wrong it was a Triumph 900 Lincoln, it looked so much like the Thunder bird apart from the engine was black, it was in perfect condition, sorry I did not take any snaps due to the weather being so crap.

Any way I set off for home in the Rain, when I arrived at home it didn't look like it had rained at all, Thinking about it I should have gone the other direction but who knows......

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  1. Isn't that the way...... the route you choose had rain home didn't.

    Glad you had a good ride even if it was a little soggy. We rode close to 300 miles yesterday but it was too damn hot. After all our rain I really shouldn't complain though.

    1. Sorry for late reply again.
      300 miles, wow.
      Get it on there.
      8/9 Sept I covered 543 miles over two day to London then Brighton and home again....

  2. Point the rain my way. We have had less than a inch in over a month. That doesn't mean I've been riding since it's been over a hundred degrees.

    1. Sorry for late reply m8.
      We got all the Rain Ya want here, i'll send some with ur gift !!!!!