Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thursday 16th.May.2013

Sat here in my Truck parked up for the night and listening to the sound of the BLUMIN Rain hitting the Unit. I am keeping a close Eye on the weather for Scotland for our Touring week up there comm Sun 19.5.2013. Here is the route we are taking A being where we live in Doncaster UK. We hope to leave Sunday morning approx 8.30am heading for Edinburgh for our 1st nights stop over and too also meet up my mate Phil and his wife Marion, we will separate Monday morning and we will head North West to Fort William until on Thursday we will meet up with them again in Pitlochry. Here is a google map of our whole route.
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  1. Fingers crossed the weather holds for sunny skies.

    Seeing Scotland by Triumph with your best girl - you won't care too much if the weather is crap. More of an excuse for hot showers and snuggling at those inns.

  2. Cheers Brandy thats sounds like a good Idea..... just checked the weather and it's looking promising up to now..

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