Saturday, 2 June 2012

Out 2.6.12 coz it's gonna Rain 3.6.12 !!!!!

The wife went shopping so I did'nt lol. I got in to my Leathers & had a blast out to Willingham Woods in Lincolnshire to a Bikers Cafe in a Lay by. Had to get out today seen as the forcast for 2moro is Rain all day I took a few snaps on my mobile as you can see below, the Ducati sounded nice & with a price Tag of £25,000.00 English pounds that is it needed too. A good ride but need to contact the Triumph Dealer next week because when I fill up the tank with Petrol the Fuel Gauge is not showing full evan after the alotted 10 mins you are supposed to give it to settle, it's all a digital clock (fuel etc anyway).

View Larger Map The Route today....


  1. Very nice Ducati.....and welcome to the world of Triumph ownership!