Friday, 22 June 2012

My Eldest Lad's Stag Doo

Not a GT day 2 moro but my Eldest lads Joint Stag weekend with one of his good mates from school. There is approx 27 of us going up to Middlesborough for the morning to Go Karting outside for an hour then Gareth and the rest of the Gang including Ashly my youngest who is Gareths Best man are off up to Newcastle for the night. Looking what the weather is going to be doing on Sunday I think the GT will be staying in the Garage this weekend. Hope it will be better for Sat 30th June as Phil & me are hoping to get down to the Ace Cafe which we had to postpone for 2 weeks because of the rain here.....


  1. I will send you over some aspirin...

  2. Thx Roger they might need it but I think I need An Operation on my Rib Cage after the Little Karting CRASH !!!!!! which saw me Retire from the Race, I'll tell u about it next time we speak ... TT

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