Sunday, 24 July 2011

Out today just like the SUN..

Left home at 8.15am got Fuel then up the Motorway to Squires Cafe.
Breakfast (not the Slim Version) & a cup of tea each for me & Ashley then we had a ride around what is called The Yorkshire Wolds, stopping off in Stamford Bridge for a quick drink before heading back home as Ashley was doing something this afternoon & I was collecting the new Mountain Bike.....
On the way back via a town called Selby I heard some Unfamilular noise coming from the bike, ha ha, the Bracket which conects the Exhaust to the Manifld pipe had come loose & was making one hell of a Noise, so back to the Kawasaki Dealer to let them sort it out, well it's still under Warrenty.....

The new Mountain Bike Cube Acid...

The route today.

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Thought I would Scan this Old Photo of my old Lambretta TV 175 from 1981. God only knows where it is now !!!!!!!

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  1. NIce pic of the new bike.......but when does the real one arrive! ??????

    Great stuff that you get out with your son also.