Thursday, 7 July 2011

My 1st European Trip...June 2011.

This is the 1st photo of the trip.
I set off from home at 6.20am on Sun 5th June 2011.
Had a good ride down to Brampton Hut where I met up with my mate Phil (the bald one), he had ridden from Cannock in The West Midlands, weather was good but cool.
After a Mcdonalds Breakfast & a cuppa Tea (would have been rude not too) we had a snap taken then headed off to Dover down the A1, Dartford Crossing, A2(M) then stop at Tesco for fuel near Dover then off to the port, upon arival at Dover Yes it stared to rain, but they did not waste time loading the Bikes so we did'nt get too damp.
Once off at Calais we decided to use the N routes (non Toll) as the Sun was out, passing through Saint-Omer, Bethune & Lens then to Erre for the night.

Just about to arrive in the Port Of Calais..

Would you believe it CALAIS.....

Top deck of the ferry & the Bikes were very Secure...

2 little passengers copped a lift all the way on our trip......

This was taken in a town called Bethune on the N routes.
There was some Metal Strucutre on the Roundabout.

Arriving in Erre at my Aunt's village.

Auntie Pat, Uncle Jaques and me of course....

My Auntie's dog, Sammy.

This is a snap of the local Cchurch in the village of Erre of course.

The next village to Erre Hornaing & the rain had started, this was our second day, not long after this village we stopped for fuel but my rain protector soon came off as the rain stopped & the Sun shone.

Once we had got around Valenciennes we came off the M/way & headed for Mons & the Belgium Border, Sat Nav was playing Tricks with us then we headed to the M/way once we have stopped for this snap of the Border.

On the way to Liege we stopped for a coffee pit stop & by God was it a little warm here then yes it started to rain as we was setting off again.
We travelled a little further down the M/way & I pulled off the road in to the next services for Lunch, good job we did as we did not see another services on the route we were taking.

At this point we are still in Belgium & as you can see it was looking a little wet, good job we stopped & I put on my wet weather gear because we set off & ran in to a right storm, Rain, Thunder & Lightening (the whole Shabuggle), don't do Lightening it's not nice to ride in let me tell you !!!!!!!
We were both running low on fuel & no other services to be seen, then 13kms up the road we could pull off the M/way to some sort of a fuel station in the middle of knowhere.

The rain had stopped & we are now in Germany, at last I could see the Sat Nav just. Just wished passing through this country side it was better weather then you can enjoy the scenery

A Bikers cafe on the border of Germany with Luxembourg.

The German Border on the Lux side.

Me at a village called Our on the German Lux Border.

Phil at the German Border on the Lux side.

This is the Hotel in Esch Sur Sure in Luxembourg, it was very nice but a little pricy at 99 Euros for B+B for 2 people in one room.
We had a good wonder around the village that night after a well deserved shower then finished the day off with a chineese meal & a few beers.

This is a church which was just at the back of our Hotel.

In no big rush to leave our hotel we headed towards Wiltz still in Lux then to the Border for entry back in to Belgium where we stopped for a good hour in Bastogne. Parked up & took a few snaps of some USA war memorials etc. the Latta Coffee & Cream cakes where, well to die for here.

We had not realised it but we came out of Belgium in to France to a nice little town called Givet then after some more coffee, back in to Belgium (no we where not lost, it was the way the country is shaped here).

After leaving the Lux hotel we had made our way back to my Aunt's for the last night's kip. When in France I've always had a meal called Cous Cous an Algerian meal & this is the result, Sorted & washed down with some wine.

Leaving Calais France for Dover, the whole way back to Calais from Erre was sunny but the wind shall we say was very windy.

Welcome back to the Uk, Dover in sight and Very Windy.
Once off the ferry & through Customs, back up the road to Brampton Hut for the last stop for fuel & a drink then Phil & me parted our seperate ways home, I arrived home approx 6.20pm that night, looking back on my 1st trip over sea's we would do some things a little different & go for more than 4 days...

My total mileage for the trip was 1078 miles.

Day 1 part 1,Sunday 5-6-2011
Doncaster to Dover via Brampton Hut.

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Day 1 part 2 Sunday 5-6-2011
Calais to Erre.

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Day 2 Monday 6-6-2011
Erre to Esch Sur Sure Luxembourg.

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Day 3 Tuesday 7-6-2011
Esch Sur Sure Luxembourg to Erre via Bastogne,Givet,Maubeuge.

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Day 4 Wednesday 8-6-2011
Erre to Calais, Dover to Doncaster.

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Visit the following link to see all the photos of our trip. Copy & Paste it.


  1. Nice trip, you guys go through countries like I go through states here in the US :-)
    I would love to visit Bastogne.

  2. I thought everybody would just take the train instead of the ferry these days (not me though, I love ferry rides), but you seem to prefer this means of transportation as well.
    I see from the map that traveled close to my former home (Cologne area). Doesn't make me homesick, no bah humbug (wiping away a tear from the corner of her eye...)

  3. Now that looks like a wonderful trip. How many countries was that, in 4 days? ;) Interested to learn what you might do differently in addition to extending the trip.

  4. Thx for your comments people, George, Bastogne was well worth the visit.
    Ferry ride was a bit cheaper than the train, we was not in a rush to get anywhere fast and it gave us chance to chill out.
    Yes, once over the water 4 countries.
    On the Monday we rode through France,Belgium,Germany (only a little bit) ending up in Luxembourg.
    Things to do different next year, Take the Train, use more Motorways to gain distance but the N routes or non Toll were very nice to ride.
    Planning next years trip already...