Monday, 30 May 2011

& Then a Dash out, O yeh.....Not

Well what can I say but 'BLOODY RAIN', got woke up this morning @ approx 5.30am by Heavy Rain (not the wife) LOL.
By the time I was due to go out the rain was still coming down but not as hard, so off to the Dealer to get the parts fitted.
While I was in there waiting for the Bike to be sorted out I had a wonder around the shop, Well it would have been so Rude not too.
I purchased a nice little number for the tank, not too big not too small, just about the correct size to chuck all the bits you might need and also easy to take off & use as a bag when not with the Bike.
I also got some Cables for my Tom Tom to connect to the Battery so it'll be a bit easier with the Sat Nav instead of directions on a piece of paper.

To up-date this post, the connection to the Sat Nav from the bike Battery has been a success, Yippee.

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