Sunday, 29 May 2011


Today was not a day for biking here, the weather seems to be getting worse, every weekend at the moment we seem to have lots of bad wind which as you know ain't nice to bike in.
Last Monday after the GT/ST Sprint trial I was Lubing the chain up, the bike was on the Paddock stand & the next minute the Bike was leaning on the concrete fence post with one Smashed Mirror & a bent R/hand brake lever.
Phoned up the Kawasaki dealer & ordered the parts 115.00 English pounds OUCH !!!!
They are fitting the said items 2Moro Bank Holiday Monday at 10am then if the weather is OK it might be a dash out, last time before the French trip....


  1. Sorry to hear about the mishap, my brother had the wind topple his bike too, it sucks.