Sunday, 1 May 2011


And another nice day, April was brill so lets hope May & June are as good.
Met up with Phil again today on a Pre-France tip out, I ended up clocking 297.2 miles in total, you should be able to see the route on the map @ the bottom of this post. We had good weather all apart from the wind which seemed to get Stronger & Stronger as the day went on, I must admit I was glad to get back as the Wind was starting to make riding very uncomfortable.
Phil worked out that we had been in South Yorkshire,North Yorkshire,West Yorkshire,Cumbria,Lancashire,Cheshire,Derbyshire loads of different County's.
After we met up in my town of Doncaster, we headed up to Squires Cafe then on to Kirkby Lonsdale where we had breakfast & took some snaps.
Next we headed for Lancaster then shot down the A6 to Preston where we joined the M65/M61 which took us down towards Manchester on to the M60 ring Motorway then that led us over to Macclesfield and on to our final destination The Cat & Fiddle (a pub at the top of the world).
From here we rode down the big hill in to Buxton then Ashbourne, we separated there & Phil went back to his home in Burntwood near Cannock, I headed over to Derby, Mansfield and back home.

At the petrol station early Sunday morning.

Phil at Squires Cafe.

Phil in the back ground & another rider thought he'd get in on the shot LOL.

2 shots of from the The Old Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale.

Spot the balded headed rider or the Bikes ?.

Well what can I say 'Triumph Rocket'.

At the 'Cat & Fiddle', or is it the top of the world ????

Phil pointing at ? whatever!!!!!

And me, well just posing...

Our route....

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  1. Some good pics there Tony, and a good decent ride to boot....the trumphys look great , but then I am very biased!

  2. Cheers Roger,
    Great day apart from the wind.

  3. What a great looking day! The ride was quite eclectic location-wise. And I had a good chuckle over the bald-headed point out. :)

  4. Moose on a Triumph from Canada16 May 2011 at 07:33

    Looks like you had a nice dry day for the ride nice picture,s, the Cat and the Fiddle is were I use to go in my early biking days and Buxton not far from where I use to live. Cool Triumph pic,s