Tuesday, 1 January 2013

It's here & now it's gone...

Christmas week came like a flash & now the New Year 2013 & has started, what a night we had in Doncaster..... Fancy Dress etc. I evan managed to get out on the GT Sunday before Christmas Day, just had a little mosy down to Clay Cross CMC Bikes, a Bacon n Egg Roll a Coffee then back to J&S in Doncaster for a look at there Comms Kit's for the Wife n Me. I've seen a neat little pair of Blue Tooth kits for £150 the pair. On Saturday 5.1.13 we are off up to North Yorkshire for the day via a trip to Huddersfield to take my GT seat to an Upholster who is gonna re-cover the seat seen as quite a few months ago I Damaged it getting off the bike at the petrol station putting 4 Slits in the Gel Seat Cover, hence we are going in the car. And also to bring you up-to speed on our Scottish Bike Tour, all the B&B's have been booked & a Special suprise for the wife at the stop in Pitlochry . We are having 6 nights stay, stopping off at Edingburgh, Fort William, Beauly, Golspie & Pitlochry in Scotland then a last night near the Lake District Carlisle then head home via the Lakes.. As the weather here starts to improve you see a little bit more action on the blog and also on Facebook.

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  1. Glad you had such a great time over the holidays. I've been following along on facebook.

    Happy New Year to you and the misses. That Scotland tour looks to be a great time.