Saturday, 28 April 2012

Come on let's Dodge the Rain !!!!!!!!

Ah Ah, time to start some riding, BUT, the weather here this week & a half has been very Bad, Rain, Wind and anything else it want's to chuck at us here in the UK. Anyway just to bring you all up to speed, Yes I have at last changed the Kwack for the machine that I've been sorting out to purchase for quite a while. 2 weeks ago the wife & I walked into Team Roberts Triumph dealer near Doncaster & 2 Sprint GT's caught my eye one in Silver the other in Blue, the blue one was a year & a half old & the price suited my pocket so subject to the increase in Insurance I told him I'd have it, so picked her up on Fri 20th April 2012. Filling the 20 litre tank up on the way home & then a little Burn down the local Motorway. Then on Saturday afternoon Jill & me had a Bimble out for a few hours dodging the rain clouds. 1st proper ride out was today with Phil my mate, we met up at a Mcdonalds off the M1 Junc 30 then headed over to Sheffield to Glossop along the Snake Pass A57 stopping at Lady Bower to take some snaps ( see below )the wind was a bit Blustery let me tell you & as we we're up on the pennine's the Temp was not very high, a little cool shall we say. We was making our way to Matlock Bath, but first we stopped at The Cat & Fiddle for something to eat, this pub is very high up in the hill's & it was very cold here. Off back through Buxton & then down the A6 to Matlock for a cuppa Rosie Lee, sat in the cafe which was not busy at all looking outside & the rain started,,,, well we had to go home some time so in the rain it was, not nice but Hey Ho. Roll on next week end... 2 Harleys at Mcdonalds.
Phil eying up the Harleys.
Lady Bower on the A57, my new Girl.
Phil, don't know what he's Fumbling about for !!!!!!
Still Fumbling....
Yes, I got in on the act at The Cat & Fiddle.
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  1. Good stuff Tony, she is looking great. Purrs like a kitten i presume.

  2. Cheers Roger, Purr's not Grunts yes...O yes..
    Raining here today Again lol...